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Glow Expert was created from the personal interests of founder Marelva Bijnaar. Our personal approach to skin improvement and our view on which aspects are important to achieve glowing skin makes us true experts. Our motto is ‘Don’t let anything dim your glow’. We use only high-quality, medical-grade techniques and technology to ensure your individual aesthetic goals are achieved. Our team of results-driven skin specialists are all carefully trained in skin improvement.

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Unlock glowing skin with Hydrafacial at Glow Expert. Experience the ultimate in skincare as our treatment sweeps away impurities and revitalizes your skin with precision and power.

Say ‘Hi’ to another level of selfcare as Hydrafacial delivers unmistakable results, leaving you with glowing skin.

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Home treatment

In almost every professional facial or skincare pre-op procedure, dermatologists and estheticians prep the skin with exfoliation. Why? Exfoliation lifts away dead skin cells to help boost radiance, minimize the look of dark spots & uneven tone, and clear the way for better penetration of potent serums & treatments that follow.

While nothing replaces a professional facial, at-home exfoliation enables the maintenance that keeps skin radiant and healthy-looking. When tested head-to-head against a microdermabrasion facial, Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial delivered comparable results in just one use. Gold-stabilized vitamin C delivers antioxidant defense & brightening benefits, and the color-changing formula indicates even application to make exfoliation an effective and gentle experience every time. 


Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial

Smooths Texture as effectively as a Microdermabrasion facial in one use..

€ 99,50


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