First Treatment

When you come to Glow Expert for the first time, we think it is important to
discuss your wishes well in advance and to analyze your skin accurately.
We map out what you would like to improve, what your goals are and create a file for you.

We are curious about the products you use at home in your skincare routine
and discuss any medical background, medication use and lifestyle.
It is important to know certain information in advance so that we can properly assess
which ingredients and treatments we can and cannot use on your skin.

During every treatment we only work with highly concentrated cosmeceuticals.
These are medical products with a cosmetic appearance.
The big difference with other products is that these products work in the deeper layers of your skin
and are therefore directly aimed at pure skin improvement!

Going this way for permanent skin improvement in the long term, not for symptom relief.

Our working method and approach is aimed at getting and keeping your skin in the best possible condition.

Follow-up appointments for skin improvement are usually scheduled immediately in consultation with the specialist.

If you come to us for other indications such as anti-aging, deep cleansing or if you just want a wonderful boost for your skin, you can easily schedule an appointment via our website at any time.

Every time you come back, we reassess your skin and adjust our ingredients to your skin condition at that time. This way we can get the most out of your skin with every treatment!

If you had the last treatment more than 3 months ago, we advise you to book a first treatment again.

How it works

Glow Expert Book Treatment-2

Plan your treatment

Glow Expert Intake

You and the specialist complete your personal file together

Glow Expert Treatment

We get to work and give your skin what it needs

Glow Expert Treatment-2

Follow the aftercare instructions and enjoy Glowing skin!


I love my personalized treatments! Can’t wait to see how much more my skin improves with consistency.


Glow Expert is Clinical, Cool & Colorful with a unique take on skin health. Why? Because of founder Marelva’s pillars of wellness; Keep on growing & Glowing. Skincare is healthcare and selfcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

During your very first treatment, we want to know as much as possible about your health and skin history so that we can create a file for you. Once we have made an analysis, we immediately start with a suitable treatment.

The first treatment has no fixed price. The analysis is free of charge, you only pay for the treatment that is actually undergone.
All prices can be found on our website and our specialists can inform you about this.

You can prepare yourself by bringing the products or medication you use. If the use has been a bit longer ago, you could possibly take leaflets, names or ingredient lists with you.

Apart from the fact that skincare is healthcare, it is also self-care. The first treatment is important because we can advise you what is best for the current condition of your skin, we create a personal file and register the progress.

We can certainly make a product and treatment advice for you. Inform the specialist about this during your treatment.

We recommend products that improve the purpose of your treatment and skin condition. The specialist can inform you about this, you can also look in our webshop to get an idea of which products we sell.

  • If your skin is recovering from a previous (allergic) reaction
  • If you have or have had (skin) cancer
  • If you use prescription creams
  • If you take Roaccutane or have taken it within the past 6 months
  • If you have active herpes
  • If you have open wounds
  • If you have fever

That depends entirely on the treatment you actually undergo. The specialist will inform you about this. If it is the case that it does not fit into your schedule to have peeling skin, she will also include this in the advice.

Yes, of course! Our specialists have a lot of knowledge and love to think along with you or answer all your questions.